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    Transitions Lenses

    Light In Control

    Clear indoors, at night and darken outdoors to adapt to changing light conditions. Transitions lenses provide optimal balance between outdoor darkness, indoor clarity and fade-back speed. Quickly darken outdoors and quickly fade back to clear indoors. Allow the right amount of light to reach your eyes in most lighting conditions.

    Our light intelligent sunwear technologies make sports and outdoor activities more convenient by eliminating the need to switch between different pairs of sunwear throughout the day. They help reduce glare, increase contrast, and improve distance and depth perception.

    Transitions DriveWear Lenses

    Behind-the-wheel: Low Light Overcast
    The lenses are a green/yellow color that provide high contrast and minimize glare.

    Behind-the-wheel: Sunny
    The lenses activate to a copper color enhancing color recognition and depth perception.

    Outdoors: Bright Light
    The lenses activate to a dark red-brown filtering excess light to provide maximum comfort.